Certifications and Recognition

Malibu Times Dolphin Award February 21, 2017

State of California – Senate
Certificate of Recognition
Victoria Nodiff-Netanel
February 21, 2016

In honor of:  Your recognition with the 2015 Dolphin Award from The Malibu Times.  Through your work with the Mini Therapy Horses, you provide a marvelous opportunity to ailing young people and adults and victims of trauma to enjoy a wonderful connection with animals that can help them heal and gain confidence as they seek to rebuild there lives.  Your expertise and generosity serve  as an admirable model for others to follow.  The State of California commends you for your outstanding service to the people of the 27th Senate District.

County of Los Angeles
Victoria Nodiff-Netanel
February 21, 2016

With sincere congratulations and best wishes the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles does hereby join in your celebration.

California Legislature
Certificate of Recognition
2015 Citizen of the Year
February 21, 2016

In recognition of your outstanding service to the Malibu Community and your dedication to bettering the lives of victims of trauma, illness, and loss.
On behalf of the 50h Assembly District of the State of California,  acknowledgement is merited and hereby rendered with sincere congratulations and appreciation.

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
Presented to
Mini Therapy Horses
July 1, 2015

In recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to community.

City of Los Angeles
Congratulations Victoria Nodiff-Netanel
Mayor’s Crisis Response Team
Fall Class 2015

As Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, I join with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department in congratulating you on completing your training and becoming a Crisis Response Team Volunteer.  Congratulations!

Malibu Chamber of Commerce 2011 Veterans Day Ceremony
Certificate of Participation
Presented to:
Pearl (the Wonder Horse)

Thank you for your exemplary service and dedication to our military.

California State Senate
Certificate of Recognition Presented To Victoria Nodiff-Netanel
December 11, 2015

In Honor Of
Your work as a Crisis Responder for the Los Angeles Valley Bureau of the Mayor’s Crisis Response Team.  Your service helps many individuals find comfort in the midst of tragedy and trauma.  The State of California commends you for your outstanding service to the people of the 27th Senate District.

Certificate of Congressional Recognition
Presented to
Victoria Nodiff-Netanel
Dolphin Award

In Recognition of and with Sincere Appreciation for Your Help in Providing Invaluable Therapy to Victims of Trauma and Adults and Children who Suffer From Illnesses by Engaging them with the Mini Therapy Horses Organization

Department of Veterans Affairs Certificate of Appreciation
Presented to

Department of Veterans Affairs
Volunteer Service Certificate

by the Department of Veterans Affairs in appreciation of 1,919 hours and 7 years of volunteer service to veterans through dedicated participation in the Volunteer Service Program. Given at VA Medical Center.