Meet the Minis

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Quicksilver’s Black Pearl


I first cuddled with Pearl when she was three weeks old; she grabbed my heart and didn’t let go. Pearl’s personality and confidence are stellar. She is head of our herd of miniature therapy horses and the biggest entertainer of the team; she loves to show off for the crowds. The Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital presented Pearl and I with the 2013 Volunteers of the Year Award for the whole VA Healthcare System. Pearl has been visiting patients’ bedsides in the Veterans Hospital for the past seven years. She also visits the Intensive Care Unit as well as the psychiatric ward and hospice. Pearl has many awards and has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and film segments. Pearl is a proud member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team. We love her dearly and like all our hero horses, she is a forever member of our family.

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Quicksilver’s Willow Blue


Willow Blue joined Pearl when she was five months old. She was the smallest foal of the year out of twenty-nine at Quicksilver Ranch in Santa Inez and is now one of the smallest mares of Mini Therapy Horses.. She is easy going, friendly, sweet and her petite size is perfect for working in hospitals. Willow is always ready to share her loving and outgoing personality with children and adults. Like Pearl, she loves to show off her skills on the keyboard! Pearl and Willow are a dynamic duo with a special bond. They always want to be together in the stall, run together in the turnout, and volunteer together as a team at big events. Willow has been a regular at the Los Angeles Veterans Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. She is a member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team. Willow Blue has been featured in magazines, newspaper article, film segments, and has received numerous service awards. Willow is our number one talker out of our mini girls. We love this little mare, especially for all the joy and relief she brings to people of all ages.

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Quicksilver’s Liberty Belle


Quicksilver’s Liberty Belle was the third mare to join our Mini Therapy Horses team and is probably our most versatile therapy horse. Belle is a gorgeous brown and white pinto with a long flowing white mane. She loves people and really knows when her sweet attentiveness and interaction is needed. Belle is patient, sensitive, calm, and a bit of a goody two shoes! She tries 100% to do everything her handler asks. Every time she sees me she neighs and it warms my heart. Belle is happy to perform tricks to help break the ice with children that have experienced trauma and veterans in the psychiatric ward to encourage discussion and interaction. Belle is a member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team. This magical little horse has been featured in many publications and received numerous awards. We love our Liberty Belle!

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Pacific Blue Moon


Pacific Blue Moon was bred by Pacific Pintos in Fort Bragg, California. She is what’s known as a Medicine Hat horse. A Medicine Hat horse is the name for a colored patch on top of a horse’s head, whose head and neck are otherwise white. In some Native American cultures, horses with this marking were believed to have supernatural powers. Most valued were those with little other colored patches and blue eyes. Blue Moon definitely would have been highly coveted, and she has proven to us that there is much more to the Medicine Hat legend then just the myth itself. She is a natural born healer with the most incredible energy and ability to comfort those in need, making her our magical unicorn. She has become a superstar amongst the minis, being featured in numerous articles and publications as well as on several TV shows, like the Kelly Clarkson Show. She is also the first ever miniature horse to be part of UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center’s People-Animal Connection Program. She is the smallest of all the girls but has one of the biggest personalities by far. I can always count on her to be calm and interactive on any type of visit. She is definitely a special little girl with whom I have a very special bond.

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Quicksilver’s Sweet Louise


Quicksilver’s Sweet Louise was bred at Quicksilver Ranch in Santa Ynez. I high tailed it up there to meet her a couple of days after she was born and fell in love. Aleck and Louise Stribling, the owners of the famous Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch are very dear to me. Louise passed after they were married over 60 years. I asked Aleck what he thought about naming this beautiful little filly Sweet Louise and he loved the idea. He loves our program and the work we do changing people’s lives and thought this would be a wonderful way to honor his dear wife Louise and their family. This precious chestnut and white filly visits children and adults in Louise’s honor. Sweet Louise is our fifth wonderful miniature horse from Quicksilver Ranch. Louise, like our other therapy horses is part of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team, visits hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses and so much more. The veterans love Louise!

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Quicksilver’s Bindi Blue

Bindi Blue

My daughter Sophie and I drove to Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch in Solvang to visit Sweet Louise. I thought Louise was the last foal of the 2016 season so I was pleasantly shocked to see this beautiful little blue-eyed filly in the pasture. Bindi Blue is a little gem. She has a gentle inquisitive nature that is the type of personality I look for in a therapy horse. Bindi is super calm and goes with the flow of whatever is happening. She is terrific at maneuvering around hospital rooms and tight situations. Sweet Louise and Bindi Blue have the same sire Feather. These half-sisters are bonded at the hip. Bindi Blue reminds me of an old movie star like Lana Turner. She is a part of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team and visits in our various programs. Bindi loves to bring toys to hospitalized children, especially when the toys look like her! Bindi Blue was chosen for the cover photo of Equine Wellness magazine in the fall issue 2017-2018, where there is a story about Mini Therapy Horses. Like Blue Moon she is also a Medicine Hat horse, and magical!

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Magic Blue

Magic Blue

Magic Blue was born on 5-11-18. She is definitely the comedian of the group, always finding ways to make us laugh, even at the expense of her sisters. She is very inquisitive and eager to learn and has grown into a great little therapy horse. Because of her tiny size and big heart, Magic brings her special love wherever she goes. She makes regular visits to the LA Veteran’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald houses, and Shriners for Children Medical Center and participated in her first ever Rose Parade in 2020. She loves being a part of big events and we couldn’t be any prouder of this little girl.

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Pacific Blue Lily


Pacific Blue Lily was born 6-7-19 and is a full sister to Blue Moon. She is incredibly affectionate and loves to cuddle. She has a gentle and kind nature and is as sweet as they come. She is also very athletic and loves to be around people. She is developing into an amazing therapy horse. We fondly refer to her as our “puppy horse” because she really is like having a giant puppy around. It is very fun having both of these blue-eyed sisters, Lily and Blue Moon, as part of the mini team.

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Pacific Desert Sky


Pacific Desert Sky is the newest addition to the MTH team. She was born on 2-3-20 and was bred by Joanne Abramson at Pacific Pintos, who also bred Blue Moon and Blue Lily. We are in love with this little blue-eyed buckskin that reminds us of famous horses from the old west. She has magical healing abilities like Blue Moon with the same focus and eagerness to engage with people of all ages. Sky is very smart and wants to be busy learning new things, which makes her a joy to train. We’re very excited about this angel’s bright future as a therapy horse.

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Storybrooke Penelope Von Schweets


Penelope was bred by Storybrooke Miniatures in Montana and she is an exceptional little cowgirl.  Born April 11th, 2019, she is a 27 1/2” dunskin with beautiful tiger stripes on her legs and a dorsal strip down her back and tail. She is the calmest and most confident mini we’ve ever had and LOVES people. Penelope is eager to learn so she’s a true joy to train.  She has been comforting folks at the Veterans Hospital and Shriners for Children Medical Center along with other facilities and she’s a pro at virtual visits. This little cowgirl is a great addition to our family and our mini team!

in loving memory

We’ll all miss Sky Blue, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge.