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Sheriff's Youth Foundation

We are so proud to share we have partnered with Sheriff's Youth Foundation (SYF) on a new outreach for youth! In this outreach, we will be working with 16 different youth support centers doing equine-assisted activities utilizing our mini therapy horses. These centers are located in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. These centers provide food and shelter, teach and give guidance in school studies, life skills, sports, computer skills and the arts. They also counsel and mentor and empower youth to know there is a path – and they help them get on a path to an educated, ethical and productive life.

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Victoria and Mini Therapy Horse Penelope meet with children from the South LA Youth Activities League.

And the SYF motto is is one we can get behind: Lead, empower, inspire! We are teaching these kids how to (literally!) lead our horses and, in turn, be leaders in their lives. They then feel empowered when accomplishing the various activities we put before them and they are inspired when they hear how our organization and our sweet horses change lives. If two programs were meant to work together, it's MTH and SYF! It’s no secret: being a young person growing up in today’s world is challenging. Our horses bring comfort and joy no matter where we go or what we are doing and we are so excited for this opportunity to be a positive presence in the lives of these kids. Thank you to Captain Seetoo and the team at LASD Sheriff Station Malibu/Lost Hills for hosting our events. We look forward to many years of continued success!

About the Sheriff's Youth Foundation:

The mission of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is to provide youth with safe opportunities to grow and develop the tools they need to succeed in life. We believe a right of every child is to dream of who they want to become, and to feel they have a path to get there.

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